Monday, June 9, 2008

Baby Black Rhino

Was intent on finding some backyard photos when I stumbled across yet another rhino photo of the black baby born at Brookfield many years back. I must be intent on unearthing something buried deep. Hopefully it's not food as I've decided my overconsumption has been based on fears riddled with a lack of self respect. Or shall I say the devil made me do it? I'm pulling into the last weeks of chiropractic treatment and looking at new x-rays and future treatment plans. I think once a month would be too infrequent, but the scheduled payments would lighten. Working into yoga last month, I had movement in my low back I hadn't experienced before. Although it flooded my system with toxins, it was a great reward for laboring to improve my health. Just got the news an impromptu life drawing session is on for tomorrow night. I'm so pleased. Waiting another week to draw would be far too long. Trying to keep up with so many different arenas, it was a very healthy choice to drop the secretary position I had been invited to. Actually was so starved for creating art that I was going to settle to politics for art guild. Silly thought. I've done many years in volunteerism and it is time for another to fill those openings. Some reading yet to do before I retire.

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Laura said...

Could the rhino's be calling to come to the surface of your linolime square? or a quick sketch to start things off. so happy that you are going to Life Drawing.