Thursday, December 31, 2009

Back to Tuesday!

Blogger is accepting one image at a time? Or is it again my computer?

It was very nice to have Jordan home from school for the holidays. Her poses Tuesday evening were very introspective and intimate. So easy to imagine a scene playing out on stage. Imagining wonderful backgrounds and settings. So much to do so little time.

Although I felt stronger with the second pose, I seemed to have distorted her right shoulder. New pencils, really needed the new paper I splurged on Wednesday. First pose is on a blue background. I was rushed to photo in the falling snow at vet clinic yesterday before work. Refused to phot blue without flash! So many ideas roaring around in my head with new papers, new oil pastels...

Portrait by David Hettinger

I scored again Tuesday night as David gifted me with a portrait from 20 years ago. The model didn't show up so we all took turns doing 20 minute poses. I had just recently filed through some of those as we were asked to share early work with the group. Have to locate again as my piles were redistributed for Christmas morning. But so much else to do today. Thank you David!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Danger

Had evening drawing with the ever lovely Jordan. Hopefully I'll have opportunity to photo on Thursday when back at vet. Had a 50% off Michael's coupon and ran over hoping to replace some used up oil pastel white. Not at Michaels... spend some dollars on a few drawing materials I've been using up, but clearance going on and supplies in stock minimal. Still cost $30.00, with 50% off color pencils, a couple more watercolor pencils... a micro-pen recently lost... small package of oil pastels. I'm off and running, now what about paper?

Monday, December 28, 2009


I spent a few hours working at the veterinarian today, and brought in some work to photo. This is the piece I had been working on for Cat Guardian's fundraiser. Unfortunately, I've not had a reply back about my donation. We'll see what happens. I enjoyed creating this drawing of my beloved Pumpkin. She was named before I got her. I have two orange Tabby now and others previously, but Pumpkin was not orange. Well, she's photoed, matted and framed. Just waiting for a reply.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A little more Danger

I've really got to keep on this project with January 4th deadline, but have been wasting a lot of time trying to learn to use the functions of new scanner and where and how to change uploads! Started another sketchbook page last night but eyes were dropping after shoveling the drive twice yesterday. Didn't go to work as my road hadn't been plowed until 5:00 pm. Still waiting on another plow today before I go out. Of course I still need to shovel the drive again, but the snow seems to be lightening up now. So much getting done with a few days off and being snowed in. Finished a cat portrait in oil pastel, but don't have camera fixed yet.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dutch, Moto and Murfy

Well, I finally finished the portrait. Still need to get it delivered. Did not turn out as I had anticipated, actually feel it carries a strong cartoon effect. I do hope they enjoy it. It's long overdue and now nearly off my plate, I can move forward.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Party and David Hettinger's Raffle win!

I need to apologize again for the quality of photos. Both my drawing of Sylvia and David's drawing of Jordan were on blue paper. Someday...
I assumed we'd only have short poses as at break we were quitting and celebrating Christmas and how much this group of artists mean to each other. So I didn't bring my oil pastels, but worked in color pencil. Sylvia's poses were fluid. I fell into the zone quickly. Lotsa wine, champagne, and rum punch alongside delectable array of feasting options. Chris Hughes brought a great chili to partner with shrimp and cocktail sauce, hummus, meat pastries, spinach pastries, salsa with avocado and cream cheese, confectionaries, even taffy coated sesame seeds. I made gingerbread cookies without a clue as to the spread that would be set up. The highlight of the evening, Ronnie raffled of several of David Hettinger's drawings and I was so fortunate to win one. The other great prizes were nice too, chroma paints, wine and cheese? gift baskets, I brought in a nice pointsettia from my sister Darlene to raffle. I wasn't really paying attention to the other prizes. I got one of the best! A recent drawing of Jordan at a summer group. Maybe I'll find my view of the same pose? If I remember, I'll share it here. In the meantime I'm the proud new owner of an original David Hettinger. Merry Christmas to me!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Self Portrait

I stayed up late reworking this piece last night, have the onset of a cold and am not thinking properly. I thought this piece was done, then changed my mind three times. Skipped the bad roads and expenditure of life drawing this week and drew at home rather than clean house, exercise, or prepare for Christmas. (Also that vexing dog commission... which is likely my weekend time expenditure.) As was my previous oil pastel,"Ode to Rousseau" there are layers and layers of changes. I could actually make a whole new drawing by scratching into the piece. Critically, I changed things and really lost my self perspective or should I say the perspective. It used to have a nice ear rather than the pretzel it ended up with. Really, I don't walk around with pretzels in my ears. I shortened the face too much to be realistic. But I think I may have gotten some of my soul embedded in the layers.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yesterday with Ashley

It was very nice to get back to life drawing,after a week off for Thanksgiving. A full house, good friends, good music, drinks and snacks with a great model too! Ashley does fiber/fabric works and when I locate her sites I will share here. Her pieces sound fun and interesting. My ears perked up when I heard fingerless gloves. Thinking I need a pair of those! Anyway,worked with the poses and oil pastel medium. Feeling confidant with more growth happening.

New Toys and Aggravations

Well, I finally made it here. A week after picking up a scanner at Good Will for $3.99
Had I read the instructions that came with the software, maybe it wouldn't have taken a week to do. But wing it I did and yesterday, I wondered if I needed to uninstall it all and start over, but this afternoon when I turned on the computer it reconfigured itself and deleted files for me without any aid from me. And then it works! Yee haw! I did have to buy a power cord for $11.99, so I suppose it cost me $16.00. Lots more learning to do in setting it up as I really had to adjust the brightness, contrast, and color to match the actual sketch... but here's latest Danger Danger sketch all on a wing and a prayer!