Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Toys and Aggravations

Well, I finally made it here. A week after picking up a scanner at Good Will for $3.99
Had I read the instructions that came with the software, maybe it wouldn't have taken a week to do. But wing it I did and yesterday, I wondered if I needed to uninstall it all and start over, but this afternoon when I turned on the computer it reconfigured itself and deleted files for me without any aid from me. And then it works! Yee haw! I did have to buy a power cord for $11.99, so I suppose it cost me $16.00. Lots more learning to do in setting it up as I really had to adjust the brightness, contrast, and color to match the actual sketch... but here's latest Danger Danger sketch all on a wing and a prayer!


Laura said...

Like the direction you taking with the Theme! And really happy to hear of the Scanner working.

dyeve said...

very interesting blog. Congratulations! good jobs and an interesting template.
I am glad that I found it ;)
Have a great day!

april said...

You did good figuring all that out! Love your sketch!