Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dutch, Moto and Murfy

Well, I finally finished the portrait. Still need to get it delivered. Did not turn out as I had anticipated, actually feel it carries a strong cartoon effect. I do hope they enjoy it. It's long overdue and now nearly off my plate, I can move forward.


Bob said...

People, animals, drawing, photography.. does your talent know no end?

A joyous holiday season to you,

butterfly woman said...

I am thankful I got to see this work in progress when you were working on it at LaGrange Art League. Wow, it has come a long way and it is stunning. The expressions are exquisite. I know the soon to be owners of this portrait will be thrilled.

By the way, I am just painting one animal at a time myself.Did a zebra today! To do three creatures in one piece, I find that admirable.

As Bob says, you are very diversified in your creative talent!

Suz said...

this is wonderful Doris!
cartoonish...oh no!
it is very precious..you have given them such personality
they will love it

Laura said...

Count Coup is what you say isn't it. Yes you are moving forward.. the expression I see are ones of the indiviual creatures personalities... not so cartoonish as you think, unless you've capture that part of their personality..Job well done.. Progress without the perfections you should be feeling good about things.. Well I know I'm am for you.
Hugs lady


Uta said...

Wow Doris. Did I get a glimpse of this on FaceBook??? I thought it was an 'old master'. I didn't realise it was one of yours. Great job!

april said...

I agree! This is a true portrait and yes, their personalities are there, shining through. It's wonderful!

Elena said...

Looks wonderful. You are very diversified in your styles. Great job!