Friday, June 13, 2008

Role of the Great Blue Heron: Peacemanker

The Coloring of the Great Blue Heron is significant. Blue is connection to Father Sky. It also is the color of t he sixth chakra, representing the third eye. Insight and psychic vision are emphasized. The heron is predominately a solitary bird, but during mating season gathers in clusters of colonies to raise young. A highly independent creature adapts to communal life. Th theme of the two legged walking with the Blue Heron is of Peace. Peace must first come from within. Once finding peace, sharing the lessons and guidance for Others to find that same Peace within. Two legged with whom the heron flies will also emit tranquil vibration affecting and inspiring other souls to become in balance and harmony with All.
It's been a long day, I'm glad it's through and wonder if tomorrow will bring the accomplishments I aim for. Obviously first I must make Peace with myself when the tasks at hand fill more hours than the day will hold. But, I will make some time before I head back to work to nourish myself. Enough sleep would certainly help.

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