Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Exhaustion, yet continuing through

I needed much more sleep than I received after staying late to draw. Wanted to doze through my morning pages.But I pushed myself through the day, accomplishing what was needed in this day. My walk brought in treasure. A tiny indigo bunting expired at roadside. I carried him through my walk as I prayed and considered how precious and necessary his life. I did in fact carry him back to draw. Odd I spoke to new friends, old friends last night about the times I spent drawing roadkill. And this roadkill is exquisite! Further on I stopped and watched the turtle of twelve inches dash under water out of sight. I waited a moment hoping to glimpse her again and try to identify the type of turtle it was. A great spirit no matter which species she is. Back at work, I had a hard time with focus as there is now so much on my mind. The beautiful picture of Laura's neighborly possum carrying ten young, uploaded as my new screen saver at work. Thoughts.I cleared out writing papers at vet, looking as I was certain I had written of summer pet warnings. I had located my previous articles on heatstroke, fireworks and thunderstorms, traveling with your pet, and most important the dog days of summer. Still, looks like a rewrite tomorrow as it's not quite summer and the real heat has not arrived. Finally homeward, I spent a little time sketching the tiny blue bird. The unexpected gift and treasure. Sleep is next to carry me into tomorrow.

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