Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A good day with many lessons

I spotted a woodchuck while I walked today and wondered if he had a lesson for me. Tapped into the animal totem sites to learn what he might say. I'd never heard the groundhog called a whistle pig before, really uncertain as to why? But stopped by to see what else was written about my current mentor the rhino and lo and behold there was a special issue on a site about my great blue heron. More later on all the day's discoveries. Attended life drawing tonight and positive flow of energy warrants as regular of visits as coordinator can muster. There is a serious lack of interest in drawing the human figure, possibly because of misconstrued reputation of artists, at their worst behavior? The human figure is a sublime creation and yet society adds taboos and stigmas. It's plenty difficult for an artist to bare his art to societal judgement, even more so when the subject matter isn't socially acceptable. I suppose if artists muddled over questionable parts of the figure like the TV news does it might be more marketable. So I have a new cause, to find others out there that need that studio time to reconnect their sight abilities to their art forms. Maybe dear Sunhawk is free Tuesday evenings? I stayed late to reconnect with another artist, Lela Luetger from twenty years back and pleasantly she recognized my married name from a print of mine she had purchased. Was thinking about the print itself before I had left for the evening, time to mat a few up for the portfolio bin as it's subject matter the "Landforms" sculpture downtown Naperville. I had designed the print for a postcard contest of NAL after they funded and raised funds for Naperville's riverwalk sculpture. I look at my hands and I see my age. Will have to locate and share a very early print of my hands birthing flowers. Those daisys are setting on my desk this day, collected as wildflowers on one of my walks.


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