Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Life Drawing

Twelve years later, I was back in life workshop. The time span was figured by David Hettinger, great portrait artist whom I had the privilege to work alongside. It was good to reminisce. Positively a productive evening, loosening some rust. Pretty little model who had such a soft flow of features, I could barely draw her as my tools were faulty. Several breaks in pencil set I attempted to reconnect with, difficulty in getting an edge with my pocketknife. There were other artists there, over time I think I'll form some new camaraderie. Artists feeling challenged by the figure as they should be. Her form in her poses quite difficult as shadows blended different limbs together. It hasn't been twelve years, but twelve years since I attended life drawing at Naperville Art League. There flowed passion. Slight disapointment in my tools and rusty practice, but I felt life surging through my veins, and am ready for more!


Laura said...

Oh I cry tears of joy this morning for you and your venture last night. Just think we don't just go from crawling to running a marathon on one second. Your doing and I look forward to hearing more about this journey. Plus, I'm wearing the shirt again today and I look like flowing gypsy with my other skirt and hair hanging down. Can't thank you enough. Hugs lady

butterfly woman said...

Can't wait to see your "new" drawings. I appreciate you sharing how you felt about being in life drawing class again. I felt I was right by your side experiencing it. You are a wonderful writer and I so enjoy seeing all your gifts. You're feeling that energy coming through and embracing it!! Awesome.