Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Great Blue Heron"

The Blue Heron had captured my attention and imagination as I strolled the riverpaths over the winter months. I pulled out this old embossed linocut and had it framed for current exhibition, replacing "Chopsticks" at NAL. I"ve been watching as a white egret is nesting at the ponds near my home and this morning when looking for her I noticed a blue heron somewhat hidden by colors nesting not far from white egret. I will need to pull out the old binoculors and hope to see some chicks this spring yet!


Uta said...

How lucky are you to have these wonderful birds nesting nearby.

butterfly woman said...

I really see the nature lover in you as you write about and share your artistic creations. I like how you describe your own personal connection to each art piece.
Oh, I forgot, I love the title of your bog - Resonance of Doris. It has a powerful feel to it!

Doris said...

Thanks Sunhawk!
It was hampering me what to name my blog for quite some time...and as I just went in and set just appeared, it had been waiting for me instead!