Monday, July 28, 2008


Is this a seductive pose? A beautiful model with a beautiful demeanor. Simple quick sketch, but easy to identify, Translucent. I cut the lawn, and worked out in the pool before phone call with elder son in new rental with friends. At moments edge, daughter has committed herself to a new beau, leaving me wide open to comprehend and understand what she's not ready to recognize. However did my day become so complicated?


Laura said...

Feeling for you lady, Had some plans for the weeks end and now they are all shifted around too. Hang in there through, remember you are on a good path.

butterfly woman said...

I like the colors of Marilyn.I suppose the seductive pose? is left to the beholder to interpret. I think she looks comfortable in her skin.Yellows and pinks seems to make for a happy sketch. What art tools did you use? Also like the way the figure kind of fades off to the right. Interesting effect. foot in both, I guess.Perhaps life is complicated, but still glad you made time to post here.