Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Life in General

Really high on drawing tonight, had a cup of coffee so that driving wouldn't be weary and the night flowed so well, well...once I got on the road and there. Really wanted to come home and spend a couple more hours drawing. I think Saturday got me quite spoiled drawing 5 1/2 hours. Nice walk today, a bit cooler so was enjoying my pace and listening to all the beautiful bird songs. Seems they don't sing when it's too hot. The hawk was on a lower branch today, I watched him preen his feathers, preoccupied with the lovely mottling of freckles upon his chest. As I walked away(which was quite difficult to do) I listened to a soft screech that was meant for me. I turned and wanted to stay, but my lunch is only so long and I was to travel back. The soft screeches continued, I reached my distance and turned back, still the exchange continued between preening and tucking his head around. I was overjoyed to have had such dialogue with my wild friend. I wondered where the snakes were that he might feed upon, and watched for badger who is continuing to move dirt and rocks around outside his den. But he's not showing himself. How many days I heard those rocks move while across the street and assumed it had been the shy turtle sliding down the bank again. Today was certainly a positive day, the kind that brings all the troubles and anxiety back down to rational size.

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