Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Creating Change

"A miracle worker is not geared toward fighting the world that is but toward creating the world that could be." ~ Marianne Williams
Social activism has been a part of my existence since early days of Camp Fire Girls when I strove to achieve all the citizenship beads I could. Early days of boy scout recycling, cleaning dog food cans, bags filled in garage for collection events. Many of the girls couldn't believe I accomplished so many tasks for the community and larger world, but they were my dedication, even mortification of deep belief. When approached by Anti Vivisection Society to spread word of the horrors committed against my animal companions and wild spirit earth members, I began to boycott. My spending dollars made a difference to those endearing to me. Today, I write my syndicated ad article on animal behavior and cruelty prevention. This weeks edition, reran old article on heatstroke. Constant reminders of necessary care and prevention. As many have asked why I put so many years and energy into Art Appreciation in public school system, I may have suggested I was preening future sales of my art. I do need to create that new art for them now.Often I hear of young adults who want to send well wishes and remember the giving of my time fondly, a stark contrast to the competition of adults vying for front and center of art community. It's tiring. Effects certainly will be short lived as self proclaimed honors of degrees and education that brought them to this? Rather than having learned cooperation and self giving in kindergarten, they learned to step on others to climb to the top. Well what happens when the group of people beneath cannot cooperate? The whole pyramid comes crashing down. Tyranny rather than leadership. It's the children who still will listen, that can actively change the world, rarely are adults capable of hearing the truths of the tales told.

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