Friday, July 25, 2008

Pen and Ink

Searching for my portrait, I located this pen and ink sketch. I adore her pose, have to wonder what emotions has brought her to this position. Considering a title, hoping to get her framed up tomorrow afternoon between jobs.
The day today was very long. Feeling the lack of sleep all week. Had a fairly productive evening, but being shorthanded in the kitchen, indirectly shorthanded my tips. I had a table take their food to go and another table leave without their food. Hot heads in the kitchen not at all considering the effects on the customers as they aren't witnessing it. But I did fill up my gas tank which is a hundred percent improvement over last week...dipping into the lawn mower gas to make it through. Nice walk as expected, my friends not out this afternoon, but a good pace and the imagination has returned tenfold. My progress in uncovering my authentic self has been quite invigorating. But tomorrow morning's overtime will soon be upon me and it's time to ease that imagination into peaceful slumber.


Laura said...

Love the pose too! and the natural beauty of the model. the perfect imperfects of a real woman.

Laura said...

imperfections I mean