Thursday, July 3, 2008

Almost the holiday!

How did the holiday work so well into a weekend? One job today, ran errand after errand this evening and have completed quite a few tasks already, leaving me open time to come. Banking, gas station, hardware store and grocery tonight. Was fixing myself a lite dinner when Rachel passed through, mentioned the fireworks in Morris and thought maybe she'd invite me if she were to go. I think she knew I really needed to tend to my breathing. I watched her rented video, "John Tucker Must Die" really a cute romantic comedy. I could have used a few more chapters. Maybe without it brings truths that were not expected. Thoroughly enjoyed. I had positive accomplishments at work today, saving some dollars, spending much more. Grateful that distributors are willing to vie for my accounts. Nice lunch walk as weather much cooler and walk warmed me through. Daisies still in bloom, postponed picking fresh flowers for my desk till Monday. Tomorrow I promised Mom I'd make the Sandwich parade with her to see nieces an nephew in 4-H float. Odd I hadn't mentioned that I should have been with Vet Clinic in local parade. Didn't commit so I needed to be open to weekend visit. More time than I'm used to, more tasks than time. Tomorrow to celebrate our freedoms and gratitude for the lives given to obtain those freedoms.

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