Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ms Badger I Presume

These are the Montgomery train track rock formations that I pull my milestones from. There's another section my winter rocks came from, but high grasses prevent me from entering that area at present. The culvert in the photo is Ms. Badger's front porch, or maybe back porch since she hasn't invited me in. For some time now I'd hear movement of rocks while across the street and feared my old foe Snake was in town. Ms. Badger has an unusual message, to remove unnecessary blocks or shall we say rocks from our daily living. Her tidiness is reputable. In my mind's eye I can see her tapping her foot with an apron around her waist. What famous storybook is that from? We've met before, but where? Her digging beneath the surface ties her presence to the mysteries of the underworld. Bold and ferocious, she fights to the death.She lacks friends, and compatriot expression. She is the keeper of stories. I wonder as I consider her poor capabilities at developing friendships that maybe we are to work hand in hand while persevering at the tasks at hand. Why hadn't Ms Badger showed herself present?

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april said...

Finally getting to a post on your blog today! What delightful information. Sounds like Beatrix Potter to me. ...April