Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sleep Deprivation

As the week progresses, I keep hoping enough sleep will be part of my schedule. Another day and early to bed has passed before me. But days end brought visit from my son, RC. He'd been by while I was still at work and stopped again shortly after I arrived home for the evening. Central station seems to be. Rachel stopped into shower and Loyal to take her away again. The intimidating storms rode through, we were all in and anticipating it's severity. We'd not been hit like many communities losing power, with downed trees and flash flooding. As we all seemed to outrun that storm and arrive here, was expecting tornado watch or warning on news. Didn't come. Even severe thunderstorm warnings were not evident. Cold air has sent me for warm clothes. RC is just home from concert in Michigan and heading to Colorado to gather his belongings. It seems to disappoint him that many friends cancel plans that he initiates. Way of the world. Way of surviving. He's a scout, will subsist on very little to create his adventures. Not many people actually know how to survive on minimals. Part of scouting, part of our lives, getting by when there never was enough to. Reminisce. Hardship still in the face. Seems so normal. Life still carries forward even when the bills are unpaid. Had a good walk today,imaginings. The eyes are once again dropping. Visits with children this evening, overdue. Lightening just hit close, power still on, truly I need sleep. Drifting away now. The if onlies hit? More thunder has dogs barking and time to close my eyes is here.

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