Sunday, July 6, 2008

A wonderful weekend!

A really good day, lots of accomplishments and a great visit with cousin Motherbear! A warmer day yet, was so looking forward to visit with Laura, she brought wonderful gifts to share and gave me her collage inspired by me! "My Darling Doris" really a beautiful piece, I felt so honored when she created it and connected when it received honors at Naperville Art League. The extra day of the weekend gave me extra time to catch up with a few tasks, and leave me looking in new directions. Took a nice hike at Kee Wee Saw parks. So enjoy the trails. Snapped a picture of poison ivy in it's glory. Was the only shot I took, should have taken a few more, but busy watching along the paths. Down in the gullies, a prehistoric type creature swimming in backed up winter water, or was it spring fed? What was it? A salamander or frog tadpole? Will have to do a tiny bit of research. The waters were very dark with rotting leaves.

When passing the river with canoes and kayaks enjoying a holiday the water itself very brown and muddy and still not receding. High and fast, last weekend a young man lost his life swimming with friends in river undertows. Annual event, so sad, why do people forget the lives taken by the water. Back at home,Capt Destructo had invaded Laura's bag. Several items chewed, like camera strap and covered book. A naughty boy, feeling disappointed in his quest for constant discovery. A good sign, an intelligent pup, sorely overdue for training! Visited a little longer in cool pool waters, a much safer place to swim. Still after visit, got bushes trimmed back and front sidewalk cleaned up some. Picked ton of cherries and cleaned and pitted them. Will need to decide what to do with them or get them in the freezer for later needs. Exhausted now, drifting away, so good bye, farewell, so sad to see you go! Goodnight...

Poison Ivy all it's summer glory!


april said...

Oh that Capt Destructo! Such a funny name! Yum. Cherries. My daughter and I picked cherries last year. Actually it was at the end of their season, so didn't get many, but the farm lady gave me a quick recipe for cherry pie if you are interested. Haven't tried it yet, but sounds good.

1 qt bag of cherries, drained.
1/4 cup of flour
3/4 cup of sugar
Pour into pie shell. Sprinkle with 1 tsp almond extract and dot with butter.
Bake at 350 for 55 minutes.

Doris said...

Thanks April,
I usually freeze pie filling made with cornstarch, but I'll be able to try this since, I quick froze them last night. I usually forget to just save some for yogurt blends.

Laura said...

Hey there girl Friend had a good time, your yard looks wonderful, and the water so crystal clear, you have worked hard and should bask in your glory. And you really seem to be happy that you can do what you did. Proud is more like it.
Love you

butterfly woman said...

Hi Doris,
I am so glad "My Darling Doris" is in the hands of its new owner. I saw it hanging at Mayslake and when I saw the title, I thought of you! I was so excited. Knowing Laura had done it was cool but to know more about its story (and your place in it) was even more awesome. Now that's a creation with meaning and love. You two have a great relationship, such believing mirrors of each other!