Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Past Due Bedtime

I read some guidelines for positive attitudes today and A#1 on my list of to dos was getting to bed a half hour earlier. Well that's gone and so is my improved attitude. Was searching to discover the identity of a beautiful large yellow moth I saw today, and was not as yet successful. It had wings three inches long, must have spread five inches wide, basically yellow with a couple brown spots. No patterns. I watched it struggle to fly appearing quite heavy. It seemed as if it had just emerged from its cocoon. Some spirals and dive bomb stunts finally up again and resting in small tree. If only I had my camera with me. Tomorrow I will take it to work and attempt to upload some pictures to share. Looking for a portrait of myself to share by a friend, I came across some forgotten drawings that I photoed and if all goes well may be able to share tomorrow. I've had a buggy day, getting bit while hanging laundry, setting at my desk, (wonder when the vacuum comes by?),and while I cook, bugs dropping in to try my glass of wine. I currently have what I would define as the eebie jeebies. Psychosomatic bugs everywhere! Well off with intents for new and improved attitude tomorrow. Good night!

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Uta said...

Well I can only hope the bed bugs didn't bite hehehe