Saturday, July 26, 2008

A very long day and working yet

I started out with overtime early in the day, errands at noon, daily morning chores, until about two, cleaned the pool and a good workout before heading back out to evening job. Back home late matting up a sketch and attempting to stain a frame to match. I had a new frame but color was not suitable so pulled drawing out of old frame and experimenting with mediums in the house. I may end up painting it black again, but here's hoping experiments come to fruition. Off to sand a bit before turning in.

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butterfly woman said...

I think sometimes just adding a new mat color or a frame that is stained or painted can bring life to an older art piece. And it's all part of taking time to be creative.I think this particular figure drawing will be happy with something new surrounding her!
Can't wait to see some of your newer sketches from the last few months.