Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Disconcerting Day!

The moon is not quite full and yet the evening was not as I had intended. There were accidents and ambulances to pull over for on my way into drawing this evening and the same on my return home. I wasn't expecting Gerry to model this evening and brought small paper hoping to get another frameable piece for the upcoming Go Figure exhibit. Gerry is very long and I have a difficult time keeping him on the page. He has very interesting gesture poses and is fun to draw, but longer poses include body shifts that change from beginning to end and color pencil does not adapt well to shifts. I'm taxed enough to begin with as I still don't have necessary bifocals and need my glasses to see distance and have to take them off to see close up. I have been life drawing with my glasses on...which tends to make them contours since I can't see the page! Double whammied this evening as they tried a candlelit pose that left my colors in the dark. I'm not sharing it. It's been written off as lessons learned.


Laura said...

Well even though it was taxing on you eye sight and images you have here are great, something is different and I think it has to do with seeing the construction of you pieces too that is great. I know that they are sketches at the lest the two bottom ones but I like to see that in figure drawing too, how the artist started and how they got to the final piece. sorry to hear about the drive in and out. Never makes it easy to see that. Makes me nervous.

april said...

Oh my goodness...I think you get a gold star!

Uta said...

I love these sketches Doris. They are fresh and capturing the moment. What a struggle not being able to see properly. My glasses are for distance and I have to peer under them for close work or I wear them on my forehead and look absolutely silly hehehe

butterfly woman said...

Nice drawings. Your model is very flexible (last drawing). I would have liked to have seen the candlelit drawing. I like experimental projects like this, pushes us. Seems with the eyesight you work through your creativity, using contours. Whatever works. Love the cropping off of the figure, his long length probably fostered that need?
Love your personal comments in the class. I always feel I'm perched on your shoulder watching what you do.