Monday, April 20, 2009

Unfinished Weekend Project

Picking up after the dogs I noticed that finally some tree roots were decayed. So.. I went and tugged in this old stump that several bushes had been hiding. I hadn't planted the bushes, but let them cover the eyesore. They blocked light and view of my backyard and I'd been planning on removing them. The stump toppled when I pushed on it. The time is now to remove them, but I wasn't able to finish the project in a day. Wondering when my next day off is? Neighbor has already cut his lawn and I still need to fix my tractor! The dogs loved my mud hole! The floors I had cleaned earlier in the day are now covered in a fresh layer of earth. I should just plant lawn in the livingroom.
P.S. I just love roots!

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Anonymous said...

Big job! Brave lady.