Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quick Sketches of Patti

After a hard day, it was wonderful to have Patti's adventurous poses! She didn't do a lengthy pose, but her endless variety of gestures and short poses made for a wonderful evening. Of course I really needed to draw this evening. A week between artworks is far too long! Patti had fantastic gestures...maybe I'll share tomorrow...wanted to put up her short poses...but the gestures were mostly but one foot on the floor balancing acts! She's the greatest!


Laura said...

I like them all, but I like the on the top the best. Only because of the perpective of it. Seems as though you might have been taking a bit of risk here and it's a fun pose too. Most difficut I would imagine.

Bob said...

I love gestures the most. (Either them or 2 hour reclining poses)

I worked one group that was nothing but 2 hours of 30 second, one and two min gestures. I even threw a few headstands in there for the 30 second and one minutes poses. As a model I love it when artists let me bring out my off-beat side.

Great to see your art again!

butterfly woman said...

Boy, Patti is one limber artist. I like the top pose best, it is sooooo
different. You are very talented, Doris, I find just "normal" poses challenging to draw, you are pushing your creative envelope!!! Your unique viewpoint should create a stir with viewers.

butterfly woman said...

Oops, sorry,
meant Patti is one limber model, unless she is an artist too. Well, I suppose we all need to be limber in whatever we do in some way.
Have a great day!

april said...

They're wonderful! I think the third one is lovely.