Friday, February 6, 2009

Man From Dyrehaven

One of the works I have for sale at Black Iris Gallery. I worked with an image of an old Irish farmer, absolutely adored those facial lines! It is an embossed linocut priced at $100.00.
Black Iris Gallery 32 East Railroad St., Sandwich,IL 60548 815-786-3131


april said...

Love him!

Laura said...

Keep them coming out and off the press lady there great!!

butterfly woman said...

Great facial expression. Those irish eyes smiling in such a unique way. Are you Irish, Doris? This portrait speaks to my Irish roots, my mom born on a farm even.
Glad you've got him out in the world for others to admire!

Doris said...

No blarney in me Bev! I'll have to post my lithograph of Dyrehaven. Love that green countryside with rock wall fences! Dear Polish friends of my Polish grandparents built a rock home in Wisconsin. I loved it!