Sunday, February 8, 2009

Morning Contemplations

I'll have to try this again when the opportunity arises, the flash distorted colors. The sun was bright pink and the skies more hued to match. I was glad I was home to see this. Usually on the job when the sun hits this spot. I really wanted to just set and watch, but eventually the chord was evident that day had begun and I must scurry along to catch up. Now to get to the drawing table!


Bob said...

Two things come to mind here.

First, a little earlier and it looks like a great meditation spot to catch the sun rise.

Second, this might be interesting over the seasons. Something like Monet's Haystacks.

Keep up the photowork. It compliments your other art very well.

Doris said...

Thanks Bob! Hope all is well!

butterfly woman said...

I have always loved sunrises and sunsets so glad you were able to catch a few minutes to snap a shot or two and contemplate nature's beauty. That me time so important. Is this by your house? Just need horse wandering through!

Uta said...

Lovely shot Doris

april said...

So peaceful. I agree about the "seasons series"!