Thursday, March 5, 2009

Easter Decor

All the bunnies that have inspired Easter crafts! The mantel blends a nice array of Easter ornaments that once hung on a fig tree with well wishes from friends and flowers I brought home from the hospital. Another assortment of eggs and bunnies I enjoyed painting as Easter approached, and yarn crafts stitched through plastic webbing that seem to weather the years well. Hope Captain doesn't find them! I'm mending well and back on full schedule...making sure I get full nights sleep cutting into my logged on time. I am practicing my Tai Chi...started before doctor's approval as I was only told not to do anything aerobic...I've got 8 miles in this week walking and they started out so cold and end with a mini burst of spring. One more day of antibiotics...the pain killers had rendered me stupid. I couldn't was hard enough to my week at home passed without hoped vacation/art time. Life changes and certainly what we think we know changes ad once again we wonder why? Tomorrow we bury my father's ashes. My son leaves for Colorado Tuesday and may not be coming back. I'm working at not only mending from surgery but healing the foot that has plagued me since August. I see winter ending and I've not been out hiking in the woods reasoned by my faulty foot and broken van door. I intended to get icy winter photos at Silver Springs. Winter will come again...I'm now ready for crocus and stars of Bethlehem and snowdrops!


Bob said...

Wooo hooo Easter is right around the corner!

Hope you're mending well.


Laura said...

Love the decor !

julielea said...

I do love those bunnies in the carts, hope they've packed a picnic, they look like they're going somewhere special with their ribbons on.

Wishing you well again soon,
love julie x

april said...

I love those bunnies too! I must get out my Easter stuff. Sure looks "Springy". Enjoy reading your writing again and you sure sound better. Take it slow.

butterfly woman said...

Looking like Easter at Doris's
house. decorating is a great pick-me-upper. Flowers add a nice look to the easter knick knacks.

Sounds like you're getter healthier.