Sunday, March 8, 2009

Colorado Bound

If only Ojo could go too! Randell came out to see me today before he leaves...he intends to find work and be a CO resident, complete school and teach English. If he doesn't find work in a month he will come back. It's very difficult to have your children so distant, especially when your finances don't stretch to offer help. Ojo was so pleased with a visit...he lived for his boys, now he's a slowing senior and he's here with a puppy grin again. Ojo pulled Randell out of a collapsed snow tunnel almost ten years back. I was at work and likely wouldn't have my Randell if it wasn't for our best friend guardian. He certainly enjoyed the winter weather this year...of course he wasn't shoveling!


Anonymous said...

It's hard to be distant from loved and cherished ones, Doris. Ojo does look pleased as Punch doesn't he? Take careand pamper yourself a little, eh?!

Laura said...

Good Luck Randall! Good thought for the journey and job.

It sure does look like Ojo is happy to see him.

april said...

Good luck to your son! Ojo is trying to be happy, but wishes he wouldn't leave too. What a great dog!