Monday, March 9, 2009


I've been diligently focusing on the positive although life is still handing me lemons. My brakes on my car are now repaired. I'd been waiting till I could afford to fix the rear brakes when the front brake caliper froze up. On my way last Friday to memorial service for my Dad's ash burial. I suspected an issue and scheduled an appointment for this afternoon. Driving in the brakes began to smoke and I wasn't the only one concerned at the cemetary. Arriving at memorial it was suggested that I do the readings for the service and I chose Psalm 23 and the prayer of St Francis. It was hard not to choke on the words with chards of pain at the loss of my father mixed with alongside anxiety of another unaffordable car repair. I managed to get the car through bad traffic to my brother's shop and pick up a loaner vehicle for the weekend. More stress as traffic was heavy for the weekend amid accident that locked up an intersection for 10 lights! But it's done, I can breath easy again as the car is once again safe. Now to find a way to pay out yet more on a budget that allows for no extras. This evening I drove my newly safe vehicle in for teacher's meeting. Back to class tomorrow, looking forward to the students and their desire to learn. Was able to pull in an sub position for another Yorkville class. Filling up any open pages in my schedules. No time to think, too much to do.


julielea said...

sorry about your lemons, hoping sweet things will to come for you soon.
Glad you kept safe in your car..

Uta said...

Poor Doris. Good things are coming to you right now! Keep smiling :)