Thursday, March 12, 2009


The camera is not cooperating. I really must pull out the handbook. Numerous pictures taken trying to show the minute details of handpainted bunnies. This selection of bunnies are egg painters, busy with their work.
Time ebbs on and slowly I heal, externally I'm doing great with returning to Tai Chi and daily walks. My heel is sore but not as tough as it had been. Internally, even with the Tai Chi the healing seems much slower. Slight indigestion is exagerated. Holding to healthy eating is extremely necessary or I can count on feeling it.
I keep hoping for those spring bulbs to arrive, with the sunny day today I went out in search of an open bulb to photo. Soon. There is a green tone under the dead grasses now. Bulbs are emerging and anxiously I await for them to open. For some bizarre reason, those without understanding are looking at taking what I don't have. I choose to look at job possibilities and see nothing that will support and grow life. Certainly there is a job out there that will cover living expenses. Affirmations. It will eventually reveal itself and I will be able to live without fear. I've survived on faith for many years now, recession just pulls the rest of the population into my reality. There is a very thin line and it is easily broken.

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april said...

How cute! Those little bunnies look very hopeful.