Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I set out into the yard this afternoon in search of some crocus and snowdrop and stars of Bethlehem. Something promising spring. My pussy willow is behind the garage and was a sight for sore eyes. (I also didn't find my eyeglass lens.)Taking off my shoes to feel the cool mud under my feet. Nutrients for body and soul.


april said...

Pussy Willow! How beautiful! How lucky you are to have one. What a nice surprise to find (behind your garage???). It's like a secret.

Laura said...

cool mud between the toes heals the soul. and I think you found your sign for spring in the pussy willow.

butterfly woman said...

Sounds like you took advantage of beautiful day to find some of nature's treasures. Bonding with the earth feels so good. My camera is itching for me to take it for a walk!