Thursday, March 26, 2009


I stopped and watched Sunhawk gliding today, with her outstretched wings like a kite in the wind. She seemed so peaceful, I wanted to soar on up into the sky and have a try at those wind currents!The photo again was taken last fall when she casually observed my daily walks and often commented.
The embossing "Hunter's Flight" I dropped off at Imagine on Main in Oswego for The Good Life Auction next weekend for the Kendall Arts Guild. This year the auction will be held at the Paramount Arts Center in downtown Aurora on April 4th. Tickets are still available at Imagine on Main.


april said...

Another beautiful piece and I love to see the hawks too. Even when I am driving and I spot that big beauty perched up high or soaring in the air, I have to talk to it or talk to myself I guess, and say "oh, look at you, you beauty". What a beautiful creation.

butterfly woman said...

Once again, a wonderful image of me flying. Love your interpretation. Next time I'm soaring in your neck of the woods, come fly along with me. I'd love to explore my old haunts again. Or I'm walk in the waters with you. I'm flexible.
Keep soaring high, sky's the limit!