Wednesday, March 25, 2009


"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens."

I had been accepted as member in art league and this drawing had been one of several I chose for jurying to exhibit. I did receive wonderful reviews but as may have been expected, I was asked to be more discreet in my subject matter. It was suggested that it was not suitable for children entering the gallery or for classes held there. I create a stir don't I? I could just leave well enough alone. Some others considered my subject matter suitable. We are forging a new trail!


Bob said...

Lovely drawing, I assume your recovery has gotten you back to Tuesday night life drawing?


Doris said...

Thanks Bob,
But she is an old piece. She is part of my recent controversy jurying into an Art League. I was advised to be discreet and not show breasts. This pix is cropped as I considered using it for my business card. Didn't make it last night...still extra tired...don't want to doze on the drive. Finished up Tuesday children's classes yesterday, so maybe next week.

Uta said...

I'm really outraged about the controversy. Although its not that bad over here yet there are signs of it becoming so. There have been a lot of issues on how children are displayed with artwork censored when they were absolutely innocent. Love this drawing Doris and would like to see it un-cropped :)

Julie (uk) said...

I's a beautiful drawing and deserves to be seen! I wonder if the same people who condemn the artwork write to complain to all the newspapers, magazines, advertisers etc who use the female body disrespectfully in order to sell their products?