Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The camera is a little blurry...or should I say the photographer is sleepy? I wasn't expecting the model to be fully clothed in costume. But it was a nice pose, music was great. I thought halfway there to bring soundtrack from Frida Kahlo, when Ellen, a new acquaintance had brought it! Really one of my favorites. So my first week back to life was costumed...with margaritas and a little guacamole and chips. I lost Jordan's face right away and decided, that yes it is more saleable when less depictive and I certainly have a more discreet nude to exhibit around less open minds.


Anonymous said...

Another beautiful drawing Doris. Good luck with the show.

Laura said...

Wonderful richness of you colors with the colored pencils lady. And a great piece.
So happy you were able to make it back.. I know how you love it and hard when you can't make it.

butterfly woman said...

This is one of my favorite pieces you've done. The lighting and rich colors are fabulous. I love her costumed, show me how great you are with depicting clothes.
I love Frieda Kahlo music, too. It's so passionate and full of fire. I see that passion in the image here. And less is more regarding the face, more mystery and intrigue.
P.S. Will this be hanging at the Naperville Exhibit?

Marjorie said...

This is really nice, nice colors and her pose. Didn't know they were having an exhibit! Great!

april said...

I love this too and love the costume. Fabric is so hard. Beautiful!