Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gift from the River

Another trip to the river on a gray warm day, walked up to the dam just to feel the water rushing. Heron friend flew across the river and perched where I could view him. A lovely water goblet to get cleaned up was found at river's edge, just south of the dam. Thick heavy glass, could it possibly crossed over the dam without breaking? I'm considering dressing it with a pretty ribbon and filling with Christmas candy. My early Christmas gift.


Christine said...

That is a gift. Very cool. I want to see what you do with it :)

JGG said...

I wonder if it's antique, you'll have to show us after you clean it up and decorate it!

april said...

Ooooooo what beautiful gifts and the bridge is smiling at you. Love that goblet! Yes! will be so pretty all dressed up for Christmas. Beautiful pictures, Doris.