Monday, February 10, 2014

Schaefers Greenhouse

Walked back to Schaefer's last Monday when the weather was a bit warmer and did a quick sketch of one of the succulents in photo, unfortunately I had not taken photos from sketch books before uploading to a CD at Walgreens... My personal computer had crashed last week and while waiting on my son to try and upload a new driver on it, I have been attempting to use my old computer and not getting anywhere with that one either. Issues to deal with. Hoping for a couple nice days later this week to get a few more greenhouse sketches in.
Maybe not the best photo, but managing to move forward without personal computer! Quick sketch done last week.

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Laura said...

You best watch it you might be having a job there at the Nursery at you lunch hour...hahaha... So glad to see all you sketches...