Friday, February 28, 2014

February~Gaga lu' nee

February~Gaga lu'nee, Bony or Hungry Month "The whole earth belongs to Asga Ya Galun Lati, the Great Spirit." ~Cherokee People February is a difficult month for many people, myself included. Although I really didn't hunger and lose weight(which would have been a good thing), I've had to cut back on many items and am not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as of yet. I believe that May is a three paycheck month, woot! But rationing funds and settling for lessor desired toiletries and groceries is what has always been expected after the cold hard days of January, when shivering temperatures increase the appetite. (Like we really can cut back on calories when hungry all the time.) So here's to March, the Windy month, hoping her coming in like a lion will really go out like a lamb! Think Spring!


Laura said...

I hear you.....and listening.

Kellin Smith said...

Hey! :)

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april said...

So colorful! Love it!