Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday on the Bicycle

Took the bicycle out for overdue venture and changed my normal route to pass this old Presbyterian Church. Should have gone another 100 feet to the old cemetary, maybe next time.
Happy to see that the goats were still neighbors. They were quite a distance from the road, surprised that the picture fared so well.
About a mile from home the snow cover clouds interrupted my sunshine, I held the flash closed... the sky wasn't really as yellow above the storm clouds, but what a nice picture!
So, back home, the view from back yard. This is why I work so hard to stay where I am at, is that not God's palette?


april said...

Gorgeous! Heavenly for sure. You're back blogging!

Laura said...

So glad you got out and about...what great view from the two wheel ride the goats...some day/next life I'm going to have them...goats that is and chickens with a few lambs and a donkey and a horse...hmmm what else...