Saturday, November 23, 2013


Stepping out this morning, I felt the rush of red hawk fly from my front bushes into tree off front walk. Went back to grab the camera and it appeared to be gone. I still felt very blessed to be so near witnessing such a beautiful bird. I guessed she was near the feeder to capture any of my visitors. I had seen a naughty squirrel on top my feeder while washing some windows. After lunch I went out to cut back the wild roses and perennials in front flower beds, a little late, but better late than never... there she was. I didn't want to disturb her, so plumped up to avoid the cold day. I kept thinking it could be an owl, so plumped up. I'm not sure what is wrong but she stayed as I photoed her. Fearing she may be injured... she did fly this morning, but maybe she was too weak. I fed her some vegan cheese as I had no meat to offer and as she ate I thought hey, some canned dog food might do the trick. I didn't witness her eating the dog food but after she hopped away under the bushes and down into my south sunshine out of the cold winds I couldn't find it so I set out some more. I'll have to keep a tight rein on the chihuahua until she's strong enough to leave, although she appears to be acquiring a taste for my offerings.


april said...

oh my beautiful. Hoping she's all right. How special for you.

Laura said...

nothing in the talons? We've had them sit like this when they were waiting for the kill to pass on so they could fly off. Hard to fly with wiggling dinner.

I'll send you the copy I have about hawks...might be a good read this week and something to ponder on.

what a blessing to have this...I had a Great Horned Owl in our front Cottonwood a few days ago wake me up out of dead sleep...had to see what message I was to receive from this. Interesting.