Saturday, September 20, 2008


This is Sadie. Her owner had passed on and the family chose not to keep her. She'd not been around children, was not interested at all in them, and was spoiled rotten. She also has some incontinence issues. Severe separation anxiety took her through three homes the following year. Each time she came back to me where I had tended her care at vertinary clinic. We took our lunch time walks together. I was asked to find a rescue and a wonderful shelter downtown was willing to accept her. My car was not running well so I asked some dear four legged loving friends to give us a lift to Chicago. When we arrived, Sadie went ballistic. She knew she was being thrown away again. I couldn't leave her, nor did the shelter staff believe she should be separated from me as I was her only rock in her stormy seas. I sobbed and brought her back home with me. She's a bitch and really headstrong but was willing to learn to belong to a pack. She doesn't have anxiety issues any longer, rests at my feet and occasionally is angelic. She's taken Capt. Destructo under her wings and taught him counter cruising.


Laura said...

Oh Sadie, You have a friend in me,
She's a fun loving thing. But she has soft spot with me as I love labs.

april said...

Sadie is beautiful. You are a softie, Doris, and Sadie is so lucky to have you. ...april