Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I should be in bed...

My day started quite relaxing and finished with sharing with best of friends, old and new. Lunch walk with wonderful cool day, bright sun...watching for all that I might see with childlike wonderment. Happy to have life drawing on schedule, my time out just for me. Stopped home and utter chaos greeted me! Plant recently dragged about was dumped and out of it's lifesource. Basket new after last destruction chewed...I was freaking out, I couldn't find the gallon plastic pot! Certainly they didn't eat the pot! Finally recovered it and replanted the abused plant. Crayons were everywhere! What corner did they come from? My bed was messed and needed to be cleaned ASAP. The comforter is in the dryer now and my day will end late with a warm clean bed. Life drawing I stepped outside my comfort zone and worked with oil pastels. New media to me. Will I continue? Likely I may decide to use the bits and pieces up in next few weeks, stepping deeper into color which had been expressed as lacking in my work. Can't say that anything will be suitable for sale, but I will pursue conquering a challenge. Chatted late. It was so good to see the regulars and those that hadn't been able to attend lately. A place where my eccentricities are normalized. Where casual conversations about art are spoken. The evening is cold, hopefully the dryer will finish my blanket and me before time to rise!


butterfly woman said...

Glad you're taking chances stepping out of comfort zone wth oil pastels and taking "me" time. So important. I recently went to art league demo where artist showed how to work with oil pastels. They are a vibrant medium. I could see you pumping up your work with them though I do enjoy your soft dreamy touch. Maybe some bright accents might work. He says keep experimenting with different mediums because maybe you haven't found your ideal one yet. He also works totally from his head. I found that intriguing as I usually need a stepping stone to jump off of. Can't wait to see your oil pastel creations. Keep experimenting!Keep growing!

Doris said...

I think I'll use them again this weekend at plein air outing at Peck Farm! There are not pieces to present, but learning tools in vibrant color experimentation.