Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life Tonight

Wasn't too pleased with my drawing tonight, but thought I'd share a pose. This was an hour. So kind of model to stand that long. Still when I pulled out the camera, I grabbed a pencil and did some more definition. Sorry my photo is a bit blurry, was hard tricking the flash at evening hours. I intended to work the oil pastel again, but didn't bring along my rag for cleaning fingertips. Certainly a paper towel would do, but I wasn't so motivated.
Work was busy again, barely have time to complete tasks and new ones drop into lap. Working on four or five tasks at all times. And no wonder when someone wants to check their ETA's I've no clue what order they're talking of. Had a nice lunchtime walk. Peaceful. Prayed for my father, prayed for resolution to financial crises, prayed for Stephanie whose story I had read on Saturday. Running around catching up with laundry and dishes before evening drawing session. Wonderful people there. New people to meet. Didn't take time tonight, hellos sufficed.


butterfly woman said...

I always admire the models regarding their stamina. You seem to have captured some attitude here. Cameras and flash, tricky but you got the essence of the body here. Just glad to see a more current image you have done. Rubbing the oil pastels with your finger does what to the image, if I might ask?
Glad you take time for your artist self in spite of busy schedule and meeting new people always stimulating. Can't wait to see more.

Doris said...

This sketch is in color pencil. I'll have to try yet rubbing the pastels! I was not getting defination in oil pastel as edges were lacking in material.