Thursday, September 11, 2008

At Days End

I have my very own fan! She's purchased two of my nudes and didn't say anything to me Tuesday when we were at life drawing! I thought that was a smile on her face! I had some other pictures uploaded and removed them for a day as I intended to commemorate the solemnity of this Patriot's Day. She did come to mind as her expression is hidden and her emotions are flooding.
On this anniversary date I will always remember Laura's coming into the shelter and telling of the horror on the radio. We tried to keep a little AM radio working in the office that morning, but we really didn't need to hear the news as we would witness it's effects over the coming months daily. But on that day little Carl found a new home with Laura, he's become quite an individual over the years, but I'll never forget that little pup finding a home on the most tragic of days.
I scheduled to give blood today and they found some, which was quite a relief after difficulties a few weeks back. Had to wonder if I was alien since I had no blood? It's a little tender as the needle was repositioned a couple times, but it'll heal and be gone before months pass and I'm able to give again.
I heard from Art for Autism today my work was received yesterday in good shape after shipping and should be up for sale on their gallery soon!
Check it out at:
All money will be donated to Autism Speaks through the Washington, DC Walk Now for Autism.

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Laura said...

Well I thought about that too and Our whole family remembers bring Carl home that day. With the weirdness of unpredicted future at that point on that day it gave our family hope that we will still going on I remember the fear in the kids eyes and the reassurance when we had our new little addition added. Great to hear about your piece making it there save. Good for you lady!!