Sunday, September 28, 2008


I should introduce Spike. He ran out of time again and again. Why I'm not sure, he's been blacklisted, again and again. He and his sister were surrendered to animal control. His sister who looked like a whippet and was half his size found a home immediately. Spike caught his toe in kennel grate and broke it. He did not appreciate anyone looking at his toe, so it was not discovered until I took him out of animal control and put him in a rescue favoring pitbulls. Obviously a shelter catering to pits will be overcrowded and I procured his stay at local kennel with lots of friendly exercise. he had already earned a naughty reputation at vet clinic. Imagine that? Long term pain that no-one is willing to help with. I had him sedated for x-rays and I had his toe amputated at this late date. Is he part pit as feared? I believe he's part basenji as his tail curls over. What else? Feared pit? Feared black dog? There is an abundance of black dogs and cats that never find homes, and beyond superstition, the public has a fear of black. Black is a strong genetic gene of cats and dogs, but unfavored by their human companions. So Spike did his time in kennel and was incurring excessive bill when a home was finally found. He had a identicle twin, was loved by a family who took him in. A child was interference between the two dogs settling territories and Spike lost out on a home. I held him for awhile at vet and finally took him home as his reputation was now irrevocably lost. He is the placid, eager to please all his pack and feline companions too! I had a time with him whem he first arrived as he'd pop the front door open and do laps around pastures, jump at the neighbor's horses before I could reclaim him and drag him home. But pleasing others is his hearts desire.
The day moved quickly, Potlatch was sucessful and enjoyed by all. Food was absolutely wonderful and it was over much too soon. Afternoon caught up with Saturday's undone tasks before a quick visit with my folks, a couple errands and lawn mower gas for tomorrow. Betcha bottom dollar the sun'll come out tomorrow!(Well actually it's supposed to be cloudy the next two days.)But intent on starting the week out in a healthful manner!


Uta said...

Never heard of discrimination against black cats and dogs. Don't think we have that here, thank goodness. My last three dogs have been black so I really don't understand ???

april said...

oh, Spike... april

Doris said...

The discrimination is well known in the animal shelters as time and time again they are passed over. A black dog with a graying muzzle is a treasure overlooked!