Monday, September 1, 2008

More computer hassles!

Finally made it here after half hour, restarting computer again and again as programs were not reponding. Had hoped to share another photo of Sunhawk as I saw her soaring in distance and her her screech hello. Long day, worked hard on a national holiday. And unfortunately it wasn't at home. Historically we've always celebrated Mom's Sept 4th birthday on Labor Day with afternoon picnic. My sister Donna would make the plans and get everyone together. She's now deceased and plans don't fall into place, but recognition remains that those lost days will never be regained. So I worked as I was expected, angrily. Of all the people in the world that deserve a Labor Day of rest, it would be those like myself, working many jobs and still earning poverty wages. So I worked. Dad is too ill for a family celebration. Chemo treatment is taking away what little energy he has left. It is a very sour realization that employment has no regards for the most important family. Truly I deserve much better than the intimidation tactics and tantrums of the past week. An apology is probably far too late.

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