Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well, I intended to share photos again and tonight blogger rejects opening to add image, somehow doubt it's conflict my computer. Pictures again from daily walks. The creek beyond the railroad tracks where I had seen a white egret fly into roost and a blue heron setting atop Mr. Beavers construction, watching me watching you. The creek in the pictures is difficult to see as reflections of scenery above in the water, creating a mirage of focus.

Well, somehow I was finally able to open upload page. I hope the center of pictures is receptive to viewer as the blurred image is the creek with it's reflections. Today I walked round and round the yard with a push mower on my acre. It looks great, my feet tired and sore from worn out shoes needing me to give up on. Dozing here as the hours of trimming have taken their toll. Sleep so necessary and yet, so is income. To keep on keeping on!

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