Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yellow green spider

I spent much of the morning pondering the purpose of the yellow green spider traipsing across my computer screen. I was looking for an image to share, but all the images closely resembling this tiny crab like spider were copyrighted and certainly I'm not paying for publishing rights. If only I carried the camera always. She was actually a neon green with a lemon yellow glow, definitely not Charlotte. I blew up a pix from my daily walks and surmised she may belong there. The glorious purple wildflowers, distorted by enlargement, but more closely sharing more of the magic of following the path back into the woods where my spider friend actually belonged. I was tiring of her presence and ready to lift her with some paper and toss her out the door, when lunch time arrived and I commenced my wild imaginings into a walk. She was gone when I came back and already I missed her insanity. Last I had noticed she was slipping into my center drawer. I can't live this way, constantly fearing her demise as I go about my activities. So soon we forget, do the lessons shared stick with us? Will she come back again? Was I a courteous enough host? I picked some weeds on my walk, assuming she might enjoy them as I did. It would be a momentous surprise if my wildflower weeds were graced with a web overnight. Or to take it even further a message in her web. Enough insanity for today, as early rise needed for morning overtime. Gratefulness today as my father was released from the hospital. I do pray he eats and exercises as necessary for his recovery, a fighting chance. And that Mom can enjoy her days with Dad. Without nagging, eat papa...EAT!


butterfly woman said...

I love your creative imagination and how you posted a photo of an ideal spider environment.Felt your love for that creature. I'm glad you posted your own photo here, it has more meaning than something someone else has produced. Isn't it amazing how far we can go with who we are if we just allow it, how a little insect can stir our musings? I don't think it's insane what we tap into, I'd say more courageous. Perhaps she/he was just saying hello to you and reminding you to walk. Nature merging with man-made equipment, need more of that!

Doris said...

Thanks Bev,
Still on that spider/moon roll.