Friday, August 22, 2008


It was sad to hear of Colin's euthanasia. The loss is great, the decisions are hard. The real tragedy was that attempts were not made to feed the calf and get it strong again, but from the hopeless point of view taken that was delaying the inevitable. Apparently faith is at an all time low...when people decide miracles cannot happen. Here I have so many opinions, but I know the decision well and it's not made lightly. The fact that the whole world was watching made the decision harsher, a little optimism is likely when each move made is not being judged. Off again to lighter topics.
Was able to get in walk between rain today and the skies were quite unusual. Spectre clouds were passing beneath heavy clouds and rain was falling in the sunshine. I hoped for a rainbow, but I was likely opposite its view. I enjoyed he light rain although the splash from trucks sent me away from roadside and my feet were soaked. I felt quite fortunate my shoes didn't stain my feet.
Work tonight was slow, I didn't make my weeks worth of gas. Tomorrow I pray is better. There were new kind and generous patrons in this evening, just not enough to make a nights wage. Tomorrow I sleep till the dogs need to go out. Might even be 6 1/2 hours! And doze even then till quota of eight is taken. Email this evening of color pencil class. $125.00 for 5 Tuesday evenings. Can I afford it? Not likely but there's always hope.

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