Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Heeeerrre's Sunhawk!

This picture is from several weeks back, finally able to edit and upload on blog...although sequentially not the same order as uploading whistlepig? I'm not sure anyway how I acomplished it, but knowing yesterday I did accomplish upload gave me a bit more stamina in arguing with a computer. Started the day hoping to get to vacuuming out cobwebs, didn't happen. But I'm really getting tired of nature series while I shower. Spider a dandylongleg thought herself so carefree as to set on my shower sponge. That the final straw, well soon, when I get to vacuuming. Another coon on the road, looked like Ma sent out son to check out why Pa hadn't made it home. Hopefully Lil Sis won't join them tomorrow. Was ambling along thinking, without the camera something will arise and no sooner that thought entered my mind when Whistlepig toppled over the mulberry bush! I stopped and watched while she scrambled off and gave off a little cough from behind the scenes. Not a whistle but a cough. I hoped to see Sunhawk today as I traveled along my routine route. She wasn't there, but showed as I left for the evening and was perched in the uppermost branch of the tree, the view could not be better than that. Between jobs I ran over and picked up my free ice cream for blood donation efforts yesterday and looked forward to a dish after work. I picked up a peach and a chocolate peanut butter. Mmmmm. Evening work went easily, someone sharing cherry tomatoes. Thanks! Peggy sent email with notice that pix were in Beacon for Farm days and I tried to upload a pix for previous blog entry unsuccessfully. Should be content with today's accomplishments and let go of those difficult efforts coming up empty. Freaked about water level in pool till I realised I actually was draining the pool with the hose. Trying to outwit Capt. Destructo, I'm outwitting myself!It's now past bedtime so adieu, adieu.


butterfly woman said...

Yep, there I am strutting my stuff,enjoying the view, certainly not camera shy. Glad you noticed me and appreciate your persistance on downloading my photo onto your blog. I am proud to be given the honor of watching your progress on your creative path. Hopefully, I will get to see some of your pix for Beacon for Farm days. You can do it! Are you going to be there all the time at Laura's out door exhibit coming up? That sounds fun.

april said...

WOW! you have captured this beautiful being. Great photo! ...april