Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In Planning

Short nite of sleep, long day of work. Plans for evening hours didn't pan out as intended. Best though, connections with family members, connections with parents, with my children, making plans for combined birthday bash for three nephews and a neice. Dad will be starting chemo very soon. Good to hear that he had a physical therapist in today and was walking. Eating a little better, not good enough but improving. Appointment Monday with oncologist to plan his chemo treatments. Doesn't seem ready to me, but hard and fast seems to be the way the cancer spread and needs treatment in same fashion. Will be pulling my work out of Imagine on Main Saturday to show at Dickson-Murst Farm Art Festival on Sunday. So behind on keeping track of agendas other than my own, but know there will be a bluegrass concert going on, somewhat expect a tractor show, animal petting and horse drawn hay wagon rides. Maybe, maybe not but lots of enthusiasm from people involved. So I committed to helping the morning shift before birthday gathering and expecting a good long enjoyable day.

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Laura said...

Good to hear of Dad's progress even just the littles of progress is good. There is till hope, And glad to hear of your show, building the resume good too.