Saturday, August 2, 2008

What picture?

Frustrated with computer and it's slow capabilities. I do have dial up yet at home and certainly don't have as much time as necessary to rectify problem areas. The greatest issue may be my computer illiteracy, if someone tries explaining, their vocabulary and mine would not match. But this day has been a new one, life is changing on all sides and keeping focus is unusually difficult. My daughter moving out yet again, leaving yet another dog in my care. My father's surgery and new cancer treatment options. I've not gotten facts in as yet, hoping with visit at hospital tomorrow, the picture will be more visual. Feeling affirmed and at same time seriously rejected. Started overtime and week ahead promises to be more than one persons job load, more like three persons job load,and not a breathing space scheduled before Sunday, from Sunday to Sunday my life will transpire in heat, hardship, yet even extravagance. The whirlwind begins and it may carry though early September before I can see my path once again. Alas, I'll continue to remember that faking it till it becomes reality once again is an option, much like "don't quit."


Laura said...

So does Captain have a home or is he staying with you. And you mentioned he was getting neutered? Is he about 6 month now?

Doris said...

I think he's seven months, now neutered. Not sure what's up.