Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All In a Day's Labor

Have you seen it before? Just dropped it off for Naperville Art League August/September exhibit. Antiqued gold frame, $100. Check out their website at www.Napervilleartleague.com
It's been an odd sort of summer day with reflections of past experiences muddying up today's vision. On my walk today, spotted something in the road a ways up, feared it was my whistlepig acquaintance as I'd often see him crossing the road. Closer up thought it may be a skunk, black and white. So saddened a loss of feline earth counterpart. Had to remove it from the road or it would be decimated and cast grimly on my daily jaunts. While I waited for passing vehicles and as I lifted it's warm stiffening body and carried it to ditch, series of flashbacks entered. All the animals I so sorrowfully euthanized, my own aged and those neglected rescues suffering and needing release. Quite sobering. A further step forward a tiny goldfinch also roadkill and a step further a golden butterfly. I carried the goldfinch and butterfly back to work with me, to sketch at a later time. Yellow, black and white seemed quite important for the day, not fully sure why, but intentionally added yellow to life drawings worked this evening at workshop. Drawings went well, comfortable with progress. Spent an hour afterwards catching up with cousin Laura in the moonlight and comfortable temps on street. All in a Day's Labor.

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